Do you want your kitchen or restaurant to craft more healthful meals for your guests? Do you know the TRUE quality of your ingredients and do you know how those ingredients affect the health of your customer?  




More people are eating out than ever before as diet related illness and diseases are at an all-time high. You can change this paradigm. 

Chefs now have the unique position of influencing the health of the guest. People are looking to chefs to provide inspiration for their own home cooking and to cook for them on a regular basis. The average American is spending more than ever on eating out: more than half their food dollars.  They are also growingly concerned about where there food came from and how it effects their health. This is your opportunity to meet the needs of the consumer and to create change. 


I’ve spent years working in restaurants: front of the house, back of the house, and as a food sourcing specialist. My background in food service combined with my nutrition education gives me a unique perspective on the creation and execution of a food service menu and its health potential.  


More people are eating out than ever before, making choices for the good or the bad.  You, as a chef or restaurant owner, have the ability to influence the wellness of the people you serve. I can show you how. 



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