Virtual booking and appointments from wherever you are. 

Make and take appointments from the comfort of your home or office. 

  • New Client Consultation


    This free 20-minute phone call provides the space for me to begin to understand your greatest health concerns and an opportunity for you to discover what nutritional therapy encompasses. My goal is to find the offering that best serves and empowers you to reach your highest health goals. 


    .                                        *Required for all new clients.   


    More service and package options here. 


If you are local to the Seattle/Eastisde area, please contact me for these services. 

  • Personal Chef Services

    Want to eat healthier but don't have the time or desire to cook yourself? 

    Let me plan, shop, and cook for your personal needs and preferences. 

    How it works:

    • I plan menus based on your nutritional needs and personal preferencesI

    • I cook in your home once a week or every other week

    • I store your meals in containers and refrigerate or freeze meals for your enjoyment later

    • I clean up so it looks as if I was never there, except for the prepared meals of course!

  • In-Home Cooking Classes

    One on one or group classes. Start with basic skills or collaborate with me to create a special menu. 

  • Pantry Overhaul and Grocery Shopping Tours

    Do you need help figuring out what staples to keep on hand and which ones need the boot? Having a well stocked pantry can help with your success in the kitchen. 

  • Restaurants Consultations

    I help chefs and restaurant owners meet customer demands with healthier choices. 

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